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Chair Plus Velvet

October 8, 2017

a long time fan of afterroom studio, they have just catapulted me to megafan status. i don't know how i missed this, but did you know that the chair #01 for menu has velvet combinations?! duly named chair plus.

i must say, after trying them out in person,  the hard-seated versions (chair #01) are not the exactly for lounging in, but would make a grand conference chair or bar stool. the leather upholstered version is the perfect balance, and the back provides a very ergonomic support which you can tell has been perfected before it's release. i can imagine the velvet upholstered version (i am particularly in love with the olive version) would only up the ante of comfiness here, and of course, make it oh so stroke-able. stroking furniture you love isn't strange in my world... don't judge.

i know we've all gone velvet mad recently with this trend, but this is one trend i think has a very timeless quality to it. the pile of a good velvet has a way of muting even the most saturated colours so they're never harsh, and adds so much depth to a space because its' ever-changing hue, due the light balance on it's surface. there's something about velvet's tactileness that, as mentioned above, wants to get you involved with it; it encourages a physicality with your environment.


yes, i am a velvet fan and i am so glad it's having this moment. 




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