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Finn Juhl's House

October 22, 2016

Well, if you haven't already noticed on my instagram, I've been on a holiday of a lifetime to the completely excellent Copenhagen. It was truly one of the most inspiring cities I have ever had the pleasure of wandering. Please beware, my posts will be filled with visual gems from CPH for the foreseeable future! First up, my visit to architect and furniture designer Finn Juhl's house. Turned into a museum by Ordrupgaard (where we also managed to snag a look into the new Monet exhibition: also fantastic), his home has been beautifully preserved and is filled with treasures. Every piece of furniture, every painting and drawing on the wall, every single space was thoughtfully plotted out and designed by Finn Juhl himself.


It is truly amazing to see such a prolific person's work all in one place like this. It gives you such an immense understanding of the control and vision of his design ethos: everything is so consistent, yet also manage to surprise you with it's progression. Here are just a few of the hundreds (not even an exaggeration, to my significant other's chagrin!) of photos I captured on this tour. And I promise, there will definitely be more.








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