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Neues Bauen

September 1, 2016



this stunning interior comes to us from architect german/british architect adolf reading. casa rabe was constructed between 1928 & 1930, a time period very close to my heart, and when german design schools were not only revolutionary but at the same time, establishing a new classic. a combination not very many achieve, and only really acknowledged in retrospect, often decades later.


we all know the well documented utilitarian beauty of the bauhaus school, but lesser known is the actual entire german modernity movement named neues bauen, or; 'new objectivity'. 

doesn't that logic just bring a smile to your face? it describes the movement perfectly.

identified with german-speaking europe, during the '20s and '30s, this movement took over the area and many neighbouring countries, and eventually dispersed towards america and parts of africa, as many architects and designers and left-ist thinkers were exiled by the nazi regime that was soon to devastate their home country.


with so much to choose from, there are a million and one examples of this rational artistry, and i always struggle to find one less meriting than another. so i've chosen my most recent find to share with you, in an attempt to be unbiased. but, i can assure you, follow this space and there will be more!

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