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Slow Sundays

August 28, 2016



if monday to fridays are your norm, the weekends are precious.

saturdays tend to end up being for socialising and endless to do lists that seem to only grow longer now matter how much is achieved. they fly by in a flurry of groceries and cafés, beer and laundry; not necessarily in that order.


sundays. sundays are when we should be setting aside a bit of time to let our minds and bodies recover, for our own wellbeing. but how often does this happen? how often do our saturday lists extend their little time-grabbing fingers into our one free day? too often.

so this sunday, i declare a day of rest. 

tea-sipping, page-flipping and sunset-watching will be the only things on my list today.


pictured: our new vintage deny cups in the most beautiful light ochre have come into my home since our weekly vintage hunt yesterday, and they are only making this day even more dreamy.


if your home doesn't inspire you and function in its' best way for you, it's very possible your mind cannot rest properly even when you make the time for it. contact us today to organise your life, create your perfect atmosphere and in so doing, improve your everyday. 

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