Duo seat + lamp was presented in the end of 2011 during Design Brussels. This object juxtaposes two seats made of lacquered steel and natural leather which is sewn to the frame by hand. The rectangular shape of the object contrasts with the arc-shaped leather cloths. The back rail of one seating becomes the arm of the second one, the frame made of round steel bars. Muller Van Severen wants to put forth the simplest way of designing a seat; by hanging a piece of cloth between two bars. Duo seat + lamp urges people to sit really close without actually seeing each other.

The duo seat led to Muller Van Severen’s breakthrough into the design world, with the seats that would quickly becoming icons. Hannes Van Severen explains, “The seat might be big, it’s also very transparent. Just like with our other furniture, the background still plays a role in the image. We don’t cover the room up”. Unlike a large sofa that sheaths a part of the interior, the duo seat ensures lightness and visual clarity. 


Frame Finishes

Bare unlacquered steel


Cream White



H: 61 cm / 24.02 in 

H with Lamp: 170 cm / 67 in

D: 62 cm / 24.41 in

W: 182 cm / 71.65 in



Unlacquered Bare Steel Frame

Lacquered Steel Frame (Red or Cream White)

Natural Leather Seat


Muller Van Severen's love of materials is the starting point for many of their designs. They continually search for new ways to showcase the natural beauty of the materials and strive to let the materials speak for themselves, without concealing anything. The objects reflect their deep appreciation of the materials they use to create them. 


The designers work with a variety of carefully selected materials, each of which has its own unique qualities. The techniques they use to craft thier objects, the way materials age over time, and the and the tactile experience they provide are all deliberate choices. 


Dispatched in 9-14 weeks.

This is a made-to-order item.

Design by Muller Van Severen for Valerie Objects.