The Double Desk is a perfect multifunctional piece, which can be used against a wall or as a floating piece of furniture in the room, to emphasize it's connection to the space. It provides two surfaces at different heights, providing standing and seated options all in one object.


This is a limited edition item, in a total of 12 of each colour. 


The Double Desk is available in two colour combinations:




Muller Van Severen's love of materials is the starting point for many of their designs. They continually search for new ways to showcase the natural beauty of our materials and strive to let the materials speak for themselves, without concealing anything. The objects reflect their deep appreciation of the materials they use to create them. 


The designers work with a variety of carefully selected materials, each of which has its own unique qualities. The techniques they use to craft their objects, the way materials age over time, and the tactile experience they provide are all deliberate choices. Please carefully read the materials and care instructions.



H: 125 cm / 49.21 in 

D: 70 cm / 27.55 in

W: 74 cm / 29.13 in



Rusted steel frame

High Gloss Lacquered Steel Plates


Dispatched in 9-14 weeks.

This is a made-to-order item.

Design by Muller Van Severen